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Sun Seeker Phone Wristlet

Sun Seeker Phone Wristlet

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Elevate your phone game with our Phone Wristlet, a stylish and functional accessory from our latest; Yacht Collection. Handcrafted from multicolored canvas and adorned with silver or gold plated studs, this wristlet adds effortless glamor to your look by attaching to your cell phone. Think of it as an instant clutch for your cell phone! 

- Lightweight and durable
- Compatible with ANY Smart phone/phone case
- Includes ultra-thin phone patch that fits between phone and case
- Does not interfere with charging
- Convenient hands-free design
- Length: 9"

Designed to fit all cellphones, our Phone Charm Wristlet is a must-have accessory that easily attaches to your existing phone case. The sleek and ultra-thin design of the phone patch allows for comfortable fit between your phone and its case, enabling you to simply connect the chain through the charging port without interfering with phone charging capabilities.

Whether you're sailing the high seas or simply strolling through town, our Phone Charm Wristlet is an upscale, unique yet simple addition to your phone. Fashion meets Function with this must-have accessory!

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